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To achieve leading role and position as an outstanding knowledge provider to meet the challenge of fast developing technology and Global Market Responsive trained professional and student in the Engineering and Technology, Management, Developing Engineers, Techno-Management professional who can work with dedication & competence to deliver with improve quality and productivity in all sectors of the infrastructure growth of the country.


EMC Academy’s mission is to impart appropriate training  on theoretical and hands on practice in the field of technology and management to help the Engineer, Supervisor and Technician, to be creative and advanced in knowledge to meet the challenges thrown in the fast development infrastructure specially the power sector and to be prepared front line interface between the need of fast growth of technology and infrastructure industry and other sector in advance of technology / application / skill and be the key leader in initiating the challenge of technical innovation, High Growth and thrust are programmed.


The EMC Academy is our endeavour to establish a unique institution which deals for professional development of Engineers, Supervisors & workforce initially to meet growing need of Trained Manpower in power sector and established in June 2011.


EMC Academy aims to establish a strong ground to provide the service to the nation as a whole and particularly to the power sector. EMC Academy imparts training in different discipline like Environment Management, Civil Design and Quality Control, Power Sector in Transmission sub-station, Planning of Power Systems, Quality Management, Safety Management, Behavioural Management extending to the students, industries and Government agencies.


The basic objective of EMC Academy is to mitigate the shortage of suitable trained professional, supervisor and worker by imparting professional and need based continuing education and hands on training in areas of Engineering and man management and improvised skill by providing training class and hands on training through experienced professional of the industries and veteran academicians.


We, at EMC Academy, firmly believe and desire to provide a bridge between academic institutions, Government bodies and EPC related sectors like construction, manufacturing & industries, to escalate the growth of industry, trained manpower availability of latest technical know-how.

Quality Policy

We are fully committed to maintain total quality and continuous endeavour to improve our services on imparting educational academics, managerial and skill development completely based on professional ethics. We continuously strive for best customer’s satisfaction and try to achieve various milestones in this journey and recognition for our effort.


EMC Academy aspires to be a unique center of excellence in prompting know how technology (specially in Power Sector) and skill for engineer, supervisor and worker who will efficiently deal the role in today’s fast growing and fast changing technology in the country and world market. This Institute also aims to create a unique training programme in improvising effective project management and managerial skill in fast changing business scenario in the world.

Training Programme

At the EMC Academy, we have formulated programmes for professional and skill development time to time and communicate to target industries budding professional, supervisors and workers. On current and upcoming technology based on its relevance, all the programmes will be opened for practicing professional and worker and also for future professional and worker. However the course objective and content will be different for practicing professional and future professional. All the programmes are open to all professional in public & private industries and interested college student. EMC Academy has built formal and informal understanding with a number of eminent engineers and academicians who will serve as faculty and advisor to EMC Academy. Besides, EMC Academy also plans to induct some eminent engineer and academician on permanent role to work as faculty in the near future.


Apart from the Open Programme, the EMC Academy also intends to discuss and interact with industry and educational institution to develop customized in-house programme to meet the specific requirement of industry and the educational institution.


EMC Academy is situated in the heart of Kolkata and approachable easily from any direction of the city.


Presently we have four class rooms which are well equipped with all modern audio visual aids like LCD projectors, software, hardware, online browsing of current programme.

Training Domain

  • Power system and energy management
  • Training of civil and transportation engineering
  • Total quality management and productivity
  • Various facets of project management
  • Man management
  • Environment and its management
  • Climate management