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Recruitment Process

Our Human Resource and Talent Development policies focus on three strategic factors:

The HR Team believes in hiring the finest talent available in the industry. Our talent acquisition process follows a scientific methodology that helps us recruit the right person for the right job through a selection process of practical technical skill assessments and a standardized interview process for determining organization suitability in terms of professional capabilities along side attitudinal and behavioral factors. While we are an engineering company, we believe our people should be highly qualified in terms of both professional and human skills.
We believe that employee retention is dependent on three factors providing, challenging work and a conducive environment, competitive compensation and benefits, and voice to our employees. Over the years we have built a set of employee-centric values and processes that help us attract, retain and develop our key talent which addresses these needs. Since we believe that two-way communication between employees and supervisors/managers is crucial to the success of the company, we have introduced various communication measures like open forums, family meets, company events and an employees’ magazine. We believe that the company’s performance is dependent upon our employees’ productivity, motivation and pride in being a part of the EMC family and our retention strategy caters to these crucial employee needs.
At the core of our employee policy is a comprehensive HR program that maps the individual’s personal and career goals with the company’s growth. For EMC to become a leader and global player, we need empowered employees who identify and align the company’s goals with their own. The company ensures that all employees are provided with an intellectual and knowledge platform that not only benefits the company but the industry as a whole. Employee empowerment we believe is also a key factor in enabling process adherence to safety and quality norms which is key in project execution as a responsible organization.