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Our products are designed to supplement and complement turnkey solutions and cater to the requirements of the various sectors we serve.

Product Highlights

Insulator Strings

EMC Has already supplied over 175,000 Insulator Strings including 64,000 for 400 KV and above, over 625,000 Dampers. Over 300,000 Spacers and over 175,000 Midspan Joints & repair Sleeves to various utilities including export to Saudi, South East Asian countries, Africa and Middle East etc.

Quality Systems

EMC is one of the few companies having certified Quality Systems conforming to ISO : 9001 (1994)

Quadruple Tension

EMC has developed fittings for 4-bundle conductors (560 mm.sq AAAC) with Quadruple Tension having UTS requirement of 720 KN.

Central Power

EMC has manufactured and supplied fittings for 800 kV test line to Central Power Research Institute, Hyderabad.

VLF Systems

EMC has developed and supplied special fittings for VLF Systems to Indian Navy.

Hardware Division

Operation of EMCs Line Hardware Division is computerised through specially developed software.