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We work in difficult terrains facing a myriad of challenges partnering a critical nation building objective of developing power infrastructure in the country.

Our people through their indomitable commitment surmount all obstacles to make it happen.  Through their resolve and unbounded energy, as our greatest assets, they help us achieve the national purpose and build the future of EMC in a responsible and inclusive manner. Our unwavering commitment to fulfill the expectations of our stakeholders in terms of quality, innovation and sustainability through an aligned work philosophy enables us to deliver upon this promise.

We believe that in an increasingly complex and competitive business landscape it is imperative to attract and retain talent and at the same time develop mutually rewarding, long-term relationships with our employees who enable us to realize our vision and deliver value to all our stakeholders. We therefore are in constant strive to implement best in class processes and competitive practices to hire, train and retain talent in the industry in order to build superior human capital.

We execute projects in diverse terrains with varying complexities, challenges and skill requirements. The diversity of our people and talent pool enables us to manage the diversity of our projects and prospects to deliver exceptional value to our customers, ensure a professional work environment for our employees, and foster our stakeholders’ interests.