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The Company is committed towards clean and green energy.

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Our Approach

Business practices at EMC strike the right balance between the interests of all our stakeholders and the pursuit of sustainable development.

We focus on integrating sustainability thinking into every aspect of the business lifecycle by constantly evaluating energy efficiency of the projects, improved resource use and our social responsibility.

Our inclusive, innovative and global approach enables our customers meet their power challenges on time and within budget. Our best-in-class manufacturing, technical and execution abilities facilitate us to effectively execute turnkey projects from conception to commissioning.

Best Practices at EMC

We have refined our execution abilities by implementing SAP technology for project execution

Our tie-up with Tata Steel has resulted in a zero-scrap policy in the Company as scraps are used to manufacture various components for Industrial Sector

Our vendor list is approved by the Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL)

We have adopted the single project sheet system to handle projects in progress

Our enterprise strategy thrives on achieving unmatched value for synchronized deployment of resources to geographically dispersed locations. All our projects are executed in an advanced safety culture supported by efficient and economical technologies that ensures certainty of outcome and further augments our project delivery expertise that enable us to provide superior value to all stakeholders.